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Credit for land purchase calculator

Our land register calculator shows you how high these can be. If enough money is left to live in a condominium or house, the lenders have set a third minimum amount. Financial security for your family when you finance a property. With the installment calculator, you can play through various financing options: when it starts, you decide – we provide you with your loan amount for six months free of charge!

Additional costs for the purchase of real estate

Additional costs for the purchase of real estate

Because at the pure purchase price of the property, the house or the property add a whole series of additional costs, the size of which is calculated from the ratio to the purchase price. All in all, you have to calculate with incidental acquisition costs in the order of more than ten of the purchase price. Real estate transfer tax: amounts up to 3.5 percentage points.

Only when contracts are concluded between spouses or close relatives (parents, children, grandchildren), they fall to two percent. Registration fee: 1.1% H. of the purchase price. Fee: Normally 3 percentage points (standard value) plus VAT Fee for the contractor (notary / lawyer): This is based primarily on the purchase price and is determined by the appropriate chamber rates.

Mortgage Rights Fee: 1.2% H. of the property. Only if you make your purchase with a loan. Note on the ranking of the intended pledge: this corresponds to 0.6% of the lien. Fees for the authentication of signatures: They are based on the purchase price or on the pledge and are determined by the corresponding chamber tariffs (lawyers, notaries).

Who has summed up everything, must not forget the essentials: the equipment of their own four walls. The cost of the equipment usually amounts to ten to 15 per cent of the land purchase price as needed. He has the right financing options for you and also knows which funds you can claim.

Comparison of loans for housing purchase

Comparison of loans for housing purchase

There are a variety of providers in the credit market today who attract with interesting loan offers in the context of buying a home. A loan for buying a home is very meaningful, since a loan is actually the best options for a financing option. You are usually offered at slightly lower interest rates because the bank wants to sign a long-term contract.

Then do the construction finance comparison on the Internet and get cheap mortgage loans. Due to interest rate differentials, a comparison should always be made between several offers. Even if the interest rate differentials are very small, a reconciliation pays off in practice, because with the relatively large amounts of credit, even small interest rate differentials can have a considerable influence on the attributable value.

As a rule, a loan for the purchase of a house over a longer period of time is completed. This means that the contract period is usually more than 6 years. In the case of installment repayments, a constant repayment amount plus interest is determined for the bank. With the repayment of the last installment, the entire loan amount will be reimbursed at the end of the period with the accrued interest payments.

For example, information about the amount of credit sought, the desired duration and the monthly income and expenditure situation must be provided. They are the basis for calculation and are processed anonymously.

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